Rabina’s key causes

We have to stop Brexit

A vote for Rabina Khan and the LibDems is a Vote to Stop Brexit.

Back in 2016, Kensington voted a massive 69% in favour of remaining in the EU, and feelings have only gotten stronger since.

The Liberal Democrats won the Borough in the 2019 European Election with 36% of the vote, over double that of the second placed party.


We need an unequivocally Remain MP for an unequivocally Remain constituency.

“The place for Britain is a strong voice at the heart of Europe”, explains Rabina. “We should be leading not leaving”.

A passionate campaigner for A People’s Vote, Rabina was one of our MEP candidates in the recent European elections that saw the Liberal Democrats top the polls across London.

Well-versed in the terrible impact Brexit would have on our economy, jobs, industry, and the prosperity of families, Rabina understands how it would impact the most vulnerable communities.

Here’s Rabina in The Independent holding ministers to account following the Operation Yellowhammer leaks https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/no-deal-brexit-michael-gove-food-prices-rise-shortages-marr-a9088466.html

Fighting pollution; delivering a greener borough

“You should be able to trust the air you breathe is safe. Today you can’t!”

Air quality is a key issue for everyone in Kensington as we have some of the worst air pollution in the UK.

Rabina is committed to supporting the efforts of local Lib Dem Councillor, Linda Wade, and GLA Member, Caroline Pidgeon, to force the government to tackle what’s become a life-threatening issue. 

“Pollution in Kensington is now so bad, many cyclists avoid the area altogether; imagine those who have to live and work here every day” said Rabina.

We will fight for stronger environmental legislation, lower carbon emissions, and the overhaul of the present policy of heavy vehicles in Central London. Rabina  will push for a strategic approach to electric charging points in the constituency, and promote the green agenda in combatting climate change and poor air quality, particularly near schools.


Affordable housing is critical

The country faces a housing crisis. There aren’t enough affordable homes for people who need them and we have to change this.

Here in Kensington the situation is even worse as we are one of the least affordable boroughs for the first-time buyer or renters in the country.

With her experience as a Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration, Rabina recognises the need to provide a wide range of housing options: social rented, keyworker, young professionals starting out and the needs of our older generations.  She was a volunteer in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tragedy and deeply affected by it. Rabina is committed to ensuring safe, adequate and affordable housing for the most vulnerable in our community.


Proper access to public education

There are children in Kensington who are not being offered state school places due to a shortage of facilities. 

“Education is a right for all children, and I’ll fight for the allocation of adequate resources to meet this critical need. Without effective education, you can’t have an effective society.”


Increased resources for social care, particularly for the aged

By 2030 nearly 20% of the population in our borough will be over 65.

Support services have been systematically cut back and become centralised in the north of the borough, leaving older residents in the centre isolated and cut off. “I’ll fight for equality of access to Day Care, purpose-built Independent Living accommodation (delivered via S106), Nursing and Extra-Care.

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